Park Map of Disc Golf Affected Areas

To create a map of the area of the park affected by the proposed disc golf course the Statistical Model of Boy Scout Disc Golf Skills by Steve West was applied to the course proposed by the BTown Disc Golf Club.   This statistical model can be found in the Documents section of

First the disc throw patterns from the model were taken from the document and scaled so that they are accurately sized in relation to the original BTown map.  The 150 foot mark on the map and in the document patterns  was used as a reference for sizing.   The patterns were colored red so that they would show up well  on the map.

Map of Disc Golf Impact

Park Map of Disc Golf Affected Areas

The patterns were then overlayed on each of the 18 holes.  To do this, all three patterns were used from the document:  120 foot,  240 foot, and 360 foot.   Since the actual proposed course holes are of varying size, the closest pattern to each actual hole was chosen and then lengthened or shortened to produce the best overlay for each hole.   The few course holes with curved fairways had to be approximated since the patterns were for straight fairways, and although this was the least precise part of the overlay exercise, it was precise enough for the purpose of illustrating overall potential impacted area of the park.

The statistical model used was for 1000 boy scouts throwing on an open course.  BTown has estimated 1000 players per week will use a course at Leddy Park so the model seems to be a good fit in this regard.  Any disc golf course at Leddy Park would not start as a  open course.  Trees and understory would stop some of the discs and the pattern would probably be tighter in some areas.  Initially trees and vegetation in the path of the discs would suffer from disc strikes and from trampling by players retrieving those discs. Over time the course would become less wooded and more open.

Course proponents might  say that this statistical model does not apply to Leddy Park and they may attempt to discredit what it illustrates but any criticism should be backed up by a better model.   BTown members have suggested in public forums, on their web site, and in promotional material, that impact would be confined mainly to the fairways – a claim that seems to be dramatically understated, and for reasons we can only speculate on.

The map shows just how much of the park area adjacent to the fairways are affected – areas far greater than the fairways alone.   It also shows that the bike path, walking paths, beach area, access road, parking lot, and the backyards of private homes would be regularly in the path of errant disc throws.

The map shows the validity of safety concerns raised and the need for set-backs from trails, houses, roads, and even from other active recreation areas of the park.

Overall, it visually illustrates how this is an inappropriate activity for Leddy Park.   If we are to have disc golf in the Burlington area, it belongs somewhere other than Leddy Park.

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