Leddy Park in Burlington’s New North End is home to a mix of diverse recreational activities. Hockey, softball, soccer and tennis are all played in a park that also features one of Burlington’s favorite sandy beaches and large wooded natural areas.   Leddy Park’s vibrant wooded areas host a network of well established walking trails in a peaceful natural setting.

Friends of Leddy Park is a volunteer organization founded in September 2008.  Our mission is to work with the Burlington Parks & Recreation Department on stewardship activities that maintain and preserve the natural open space areas in the park.  We also work to promote the passive recreational opportunities offered by the wooded areas.

The network of walking paths throughout the park are enjoyed by many city residents daily and Friends of Leddy Park work with the Parks & Recreation Department to identify and carry out any necessary trail maintenance.

In any intensively used city park like Leddy, trash and debris left by park users presents an ongoing challenge.  Several park clean-up days have been organized by Friends of Leddy Park and our group helps coordinate the annual Green Up Day activities in the park.

There are a number of park issues that Friends of Leddy Park are working with the city to address including erosion, storm water runoff, illegal yard waste dumping, invasive species management, and poison ivy awareness, to name a few.

If you are interested in volunteering or just want to know more, please join us at our next meeting or event.  You can also drop us a line.